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Domesday: Day of Judgement

Domesday: Day of Judgement

Actor Andrew Ashmore gives a possible 11th century Saxon view of William the Conqueror's Domesday survey. To find out more about the Domesday Book visit ...

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What was the Domesday Book?

This short three minute video covers what the Domesday book is ; Why it was written and what was involved in making it. I hope it helps :-)

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Domesday Book

In the year 1085, King William I who had ruled England for almost twenty years after his victory at the Battle of Hastings, was holding a meeting his officials and ...

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The Feudal System and the Domesday Book

This clip explores the power structure and political system of Medieval England. The complete series - 'Wilberg Presents Medieval England' with accompanying ...

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The feudal system and the Domesday Book


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The Domesday Book (In Our Time)

Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss the Domesday Book, a vast survey of the land and property of much of England and Wales completed in 1086. Twenty ...

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Supervillain Origins: Doomsday

Supervillain Origins of Doomsday Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD Superman has some memorable foes and Doomsday may be one of the biggest.

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What is DOMESDAY BOOK? What does DOMESDAY BOOK mean? DOMESDAY BOOK meaning & explanation


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Domesday: The Commissioners

Actor Chris Bailey puts the government view of the 11th century Domesday survey in the character of a Domesday commissioner. No pig or villager to be left ...

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1980's Google Street View - Computerphile

An Ambitious project to recreate the Domesday book for the modern age, but already the machinery is obsolete. Roger Moore talks us through the BBC ...

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Bilkent HIST417 20111202 LECTURE15n Kingship & Domesday Book


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Time Team S14-E09 The Domesday Mill, Dotton Mill, Devon

Dotton is a small hamlet in east Devon, close to the river Otter. In the Domesday Book, compiled around 1086, there is a record of there having been a mill there, ...

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The Domesday Project 1986 (1985 , VHS)

Historian Michael Wood and the BBC's Sarah Greene presented a programme in 1985 about the Domesday Project, due to be completed in 1986.

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BBC: Domesday Project - 1985 1986

The overambitious 'Domesday Project', undertaken by the BBC in 1985-86. The prohibitive cost, (over £5000 for the BBC AIV system) prevented it being widely ...

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Domesday Vol. 1

Domesday is a zine / film project by Adam Todhunter featuring skateboarding around the north of England and Scotland. Zines are available at: ...

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Doomsday Book by Connie Willis Audiobook 1


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Domesday Book arrives in Lincoln


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Domesday Book Meaning

Video shows what Domesday Book means. A record of the great survey of England carried out in 1086 for William the Conqueror.. Domesday Book Meaning.

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Domesday Book

Domesday Book is a manuscript record of the \

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Domesday Assault


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In March, I recorded a podcast about the census in this country -- that is, the counting of everyone who lives here. Today's podcast is also about a census -- the ...

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At the edge of the world - Episode 1: 1086: William the Conqueror's Domesday Court

Written and presented by Robert Smith, Chairman of the Manorial Society of Great Britain - http://www.msgb.co.uk Follow us on: Facebook ...

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Domesday Book and Feudal System

Recorded with http://screencast-o-matic.com.

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Domesday Book (1947)

Unissued / Unused material. Domesday Book in British Museum. London. C/U front cover of the Domesday Book. C/U detail of the embossed design on the ...

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The Domesday Book

A brief audio description of the writing of the Domesday Book.

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An Analysis of the Domesday Survey of Gloucestershire Classic Reprint


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1066 Battle of Hastings: Vikings, Normans and the Domesday Book [School History Education online]

a funny poem: it's 1066 and four Kings claim the throne of England: Edward the Confessor, Harold Godwinson, Harald Hardrada and William the Conqueror.

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Domesday Book is coming to Lincoln Castle

The announcement that Domesday Book will be coming to Lincoln Castle in the summer of 2017. The book, commissioned by William the Conqueror in 1086, ...

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Norman Conquest - Timelines.tv History of Britain B01

The module explores the Norman Conquest of 1066, the Battle of Hastings, and the imposition of Norman power on Saxon England, focusing on castle building ...

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Bilkent HIST 416 Lec 19 Norman Administration & Domesday Book


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Life in the Middle Ages. Part 1- The Domesday Book.

Reading of an abridged text taken from \

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1066 What was the Domesday Book? William the Conqueror, the Norman Conquest [History online]

a funny poem about what William the Conqueror was looking for in England ( www.inkpotamus.com )

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Domesday Book


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Why the Domesday book is important for Lincoln

Paul from The National Archives explains what's in one of the most significant books in English history relating to Lincoln - in particular Lincoln Castle! Follow Us: ...

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A Latter Day Domesday Book—with Dag Detter

23 February 2015: Tim Montgomerie, Senior Fellow at the Legatum Institute, discussed how to save $75 trillion with Dag Detter, author of the forthcoming 'The ...

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Domesday Book Gloucestershire Domesday Books Phillimore


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Doomsday Book

Prism, NSA's surveillance program, the data storage center in Bluffdale, Utah. A modern Doomsday Book [Domesday]. William the Conqueror commissioned the ...

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Dominic Frisby: Bitcoin is the digital Domesday Book of the 21st century

Dominic talks about his involvement in the documentary The Four Horsemen, created by Ross Ashcroft. Dominic helped creating, writing and narrating it but the ...

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